Group Health Coaching Sessions

A group of 8-12 people come together to participate and engage in an agreed upon topic in a professional and safe environment. Group health coaching is a fantastic opportunity to learn from and teach your peers on how to better manage stress.

Lorna will come prepared with information regarding the topic and help facilitate a discussion aimed to involve everyone in coming up with individual solutions. Many times as others share and articulate their personal experiences, people are able to relate to them and contemplate utilizing these success strategies in their own lives. Often the best resources to help you achieve your goals can be the very person sitting next to you. Group health coaching helps facilitate just that!

Each session is an hour and begins and ends with a short mindfulness practice to help group members be present and fully-engaged in the activity. Rules of engagement are highlighted to ensure each person is respected and treated kindly throughout the process. Each person should walk away with an actionable, time-measured, realistic goal.

Please contact Lorna for a consultation on how group coaching could serve you or your business! *lovelighthealth*