Health Coaching & Pranic Healing Services

Donation-Based Services Get an Upgrade

Get the boost you need at the price you set

Finding Healthfulness (FH) is a health coaching and pranic healing platform which allows for clients and practitioners to work together on a donation-based system.  This gives access of high quality healing and coaching services to people of all walks of life! We believe in you and your ability to pay for top-quality services at a price you can absolutely afford.

Our Philosophy is Simple: Complementary Alternative Medicine at a price you can afford. We call this the future of Healthfulness.

An ideal client may want to:

  • Incorporate healthier eating habits into daily life
  • Transition to a vegetarian or whole foods plant-based diet
  • Quit smoking
  • Adhere to physician recommendations on lifestyle modification and medication schedules
  • Start a business/change careers
  • Reduce stress while traveling on the road
  • Explore energetic healing for a particular ailment

FH also offers consulting services to small businesses and nonprofit organizations and has plans to participate in research projects related to complementary healing modalities while working closely with Western-trained physicians.


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