A Message from the Founder

Hello and welcome to Finding Healthfulness! 

My name is Lorna Ciccone, and I have a ton of successes and failures which have prepared me for my new life as an entrepreneur. My sole guiding force each day I wake up is to be a better person and to help other people and their businesses be their best selves or entities. My personal journey forged the way to earn a health coaching certificate and to study pranic healing in hopes of helping others find their healthfulness. Whether it’s losing weight, incorporating healthier decisions into life, reducing pain or minimizing sleepless nights, I empower people to achieve their optimum healthfulness. 

Life is about change and meeting that change head on, fully present, and in a healthy frame of mind, body and heart. I transitioned from working in a decade-long career in the medical device industry to consulting, health coaching, and pranic healing; I know what it takes to succeed in the boardroom as well as how difficult it is to put the right foods in my body. I know the challenges faced when juggling a demanding career with a healthy mind, body and heart. I also know how easy it is to turn to medication as a quick fix for ailments rather than looking deeper for the root cause.

My latest endeavor in pranic healing has opened a new door for serving others and has given me tools to help heal people in even more powerful ways. To learn more about pranic healing, please visit: www.pranichealingresearch.com and see the research emerging from the leaders of this amazing healing modality.

My personal passions are centered around whole foods plant-based nutrition, international travel, participating in athletic events, the latest research on diet and nutrition, ashtanga yoga, arhatic yoga, furthering my practice in mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR), animal-loving activities, learning new educational techniques and understanding decision-making rationale. 

Please send me a note with any questions or comments, and I can’t wait to learn more about YOU and what makes you tick.  Anything and everything you share is a gift for which I am grateful!