Individual Health Coaching Sessions

Your first on-boarding session will walk you through a health compass designed to highlight each aspect of your life that brings meaning and fulfillment.  In this session Lorna will ask you to rate each aspect of your life in each area of the health compass so we can review your progress at appropriate intervals. You will also go through the terms of engagement and ask as many questions as you would like about the process.  You will be able to set up your on-going plan, and set dates and times for future meetings. Successive sessions are usually 20-minute weekly check-ins and goal setting sessions.

Each session is conducted in-person, virtual or over-the-phone to leave room for the flexibility you need in your life. Flexibility is key to this coaching relationship so your needs are constantly met and your goals can be quickly realized.

In each session you can expect to be greeted kindly by Lorna and have a fully-present, active listener and a coach who is committed to meet you where you are. What that means is Lorna will help you discover today what challenges in your life are preventing you from achieving that goal you have.  Before you can lose weight, quit smoking or have more restful sleep, you have to uncover the other (little) things that are blockading your ability to do so. In the coaching process, you will come to see that confronting these daily challenges will make space for achieving the larger goals.

Please contact Lorna for a consultation to begin or continue your journey to your healthiest self! *lovelighthealth*

Pranic Healing Sessions

Your first session is designed to explain the pranic healing process, discuss the complimentary nature of pranic healing in your natural healing process, and discuss the protocols to be explored in your unique situation. Each disease, pain or psychological duress has a proven and studied protocol published by Master Choa Kok Sui which your healer will follow to help achieve your desired results. 

Each session is conducted in-person, virtual or remotely to leave room for the flexibility you need in your life. One of the many beauties of pranic healing is that it leaves room for sessions to be completed without your direct participation at the time of healing. Since no manual manipulation is performed during a session,  you can schedule a session based on your healer's availability and trust that you will have a healing performed on your behalf with a detailed report on what was performed and any additional notes to be shared. Further understanding of this concept will be discussed in your initial session.

Follow-up sessions will be recommended based on the protocols published by Maser Choa Kok Sui. Please contact Lorna for a consultation to begin or continue your journey to your healthiest self! *lovelighthealth*

Group Health Coaching Sessions

A group of 8-12 people come together to participate and engage in an agreed upon topic in a professional and safe environment. Group health coaching is a fantastic opportunity to learn from your peers on how they have successfully dealt with managing stressors in their life. 

Lorna will come prepared with information regarding the topic and help facilitate a discussion aimed to involve everyone in coming up with individual solutions. Many times as others share and articulate their personal experiences, people are able to relate to them and contemplate utilizing these success strategies in their own lives. Often the best resources to help you achieve your goals can be the very person sitting next to you. Group health coaching helps facilitate just that!

Each session is an hour and begins and ends with a short mindfulness practice to help group members be present and fully-engaged in the activity. Rules of engagement are highlighted to ensure each person is respected and treated kindly throughout the process. Each person should walk away with an actionable, time-measured, realistic goal.

Please contact Lorna for a consultation on how group coaching could serve you or your business! *lovelighthealth*