1/30th of the way there

As I sit here anxiously awaiting dinner time, I'm asking myself, "Why on earth did I sign up for a 30-day clean eating challenge? Why am I doing this as a plant-based athlete?" I’m not unhappy with my weight. I feel great. And I’ve never loved myself more than I do now (though this doesn’t say much considering where I’m coming from-- more on this some other time).


I’m currently exploring myself in ways I never thought I would, and this includes taking on food. In the end, I want to understand what my optimal health and nutrition looks like for me!

Up until today, I ate anything and everything in sight (without animal products, of course) and at all times of the day. I graze. Eat when hangry. Stress eat. Boredom eat. Recipe taste test. Try everything at potlucks. Eat for the sake of trying something I’ve never had. Eat socially. Eat under pressure-- when dared of course to eat more. Eat after I’ve had too much to drink. Eat when I have the mun… nevermind.

I started exercising and have continued to do so to feed my food addiction. Make no mistake that my love of food is nothing short of an addiction. Just like anyone suffering from a cheese or bacon addiction (I've had those too!), I suffer from food of all plant-based-kinds addiction.

I literally plan every trip and vacation around the food I plan to eat. 

My journey to whole foods, plant-based nutrition was born out of the necessity to stop struggling with my weight. It didn’t matter how much I trained or worked out, I still put on the pounds. Luckily, veganism has stabilized so much more than my weight and has taught me to be a compassionate, thoughtful human on this planet that permeates every fiber of my being.

So why did I choose to cut out my dearly beloved gluten starting today for 30 days? My occasional glass of wine? The social coffees after morning workouts?

To further fall in love with myself. To know which foods (if any) make me feel great and help me reach my optimal performance. While I’m not in the best shape of my life right now, I am really damn close. I’m also convinced that these next 30 days will help me get there right in time for my first 70.3 on May 5th.

I’ve finally decided to start setting myself up for success. A big part of that is asking others to hold me accountable and to come along on this journey with me. So thank you!

I have also realized that I thrive on structure and chaos—yes, they can coexist— so I’m making sure I have both of these things daily. Success for me is reached by:

  1. following a regimented eating plan and figuring out how I need to modify it so that I can be my healthiest self-- I'll find out if this is true in 30 days
  2. having a daily written daily schedule--in my Panda planner
  3. staying socially accountable for my workouts with amazing people-- just show up!
  4. signing up for races without an expectation to push myself for a time that would cause me to overtrain or push too hard until race day

#4 is definitely a new realization, and I’m so excited to fully embrace it this season!

This combo makes me feel like the adult I am--the triathlete, plant-powered ambassador, a lover of all things fun, and a fun friend who rarely says no.

Nice to meet you!

Come along with me. Find out how I do with this 30-day clean eating challenge (through Arbonne) and if I would recommend it to friends and family. I truly hope this ends up being something I can’t wait to share with everyone- vegan, cruelty-free goodness made "easy"!

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